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That is why i'm here, too. Dilobox Mar 25, 2564 BE Love it, but I would love to see more that just the epilogue. I mean, it's not like there was any reason for the movie to end like that. It's kind of a "wtf" ending. I really would like to see a full-fledged sequel. Garada Jan 7, 2565 BE This was my favourite movie of all time for a long time. But I liked it so much because I loved most of the characters. I even grew to love some of the unimportant ones. But I loved everything about it. And yes, it was a good ending. But it was so good that it made me cry every time I saw it and I really want more...Many people are dismayed at the direction that our government has taken, and rightly so. But others of us seem to be accepting the fact that our power has been transferred to an un




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HD Online Player (spirited Away Full Movie English Sub) naitbrit

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